For my Graduation Film project at Supinfocom Arles : VRP, I wanted to code an asset manager for my team. It was designed to allow us to quiclky and easily load, save, and share asset files.

I wrote everything from scratch, with great use of


It's a Python standalone application ( PySide + MySQL )

It interacts with 3dsMax and Maya through sockets (a Max C# plugin and the Maya CommandPort) and a collection of scripts for each 3d package.

There are 6 tabs in the main interface, each for a specific purpose :

  • An Explorer, to quickly find assets without having to browse a folder tree
  • A Nodal View, to conect assets and explore them in a connection-based way (experimental)
  • Two File Views (one for 3dsMax, one for Maya) to display infos on the currently opened scene
  • A Chat (experimental) with drag-n-drop and hyperlink support
  • A Log


A quick demonstration of how we used my project during the production of our graduation short
Maya scenes were tracked too, but with manual updating when loading new scenes


An overcoming cargo drives a young travelling salesman in an unusual adventure.


For this graduation project, I was involved in

  • Pipeline Developement / Tool Developement
  • Additionnal Modeling / Lighting / Rendering / Compositing


Here you can watch the trailer of V.R.P.